Connecting students to their classrooms during virtual and hybrid learning.

Learn How Kajeet Keeps Students Safely Connected

Kajeet’s Distance Learning Bundles support school districts as they continue to implement virtual learning initiatives from school closures. The Kajeet SmartSpot is a WiFi hotspot device that includes CIPA-compliant filters to keep students on-task. 

  • Web Filters. Includes customizable or out-of-the-box CIPA-compliant filters designed for K-12. 
  • Multiple LTE Networks. Connects on all major North American wireless networks – choose the network(s) that works best in your area. 
  • Device and Data Management. Manage devices, data allocations, filters, and access controls. 

Every Kajeet Distance Learning bundle includes:

  • Kajeet SmartSpot device 
  • Your choice of GBs of data shared across devices and networks 
  • CIPA-compliant web filters 
  • Enterprise firewall security 
  • Real-time data rating, usage reports, and bandwidth policies 
  • Time-of-day and day-of-week access controls 
  • Lifetime account management and free onboarding 

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