Secure Wireless Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Assisting Healthcare Providers participating in the Rural Healthcare Connect Program

Delivering connected healthcare services like telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM) to rural communities is difficult when the people who most need the services are among those least likely to have broadband connectivity. That's the reason the Healthcare Connect Program was instituted in the first place: To help healthcare providers get the connectivity they need to render the healthcare their patients require.

The money to help healthcare providers fund these initiatives is out there -- but to get it, healthcare providers need to properly participate in the Healthcare Connect Program.

Kajeet is a multi-carrier wireless connectivity provider serving healthcare providers by giving them the connectivity they need to reach this underserved patient community, and we understand the process needed for providers to apply and make use of funds from the Healthcare Connect Fund.

We are backed by 20 years of experience in the industry, extensive broadband rural coverage, and can also provide additional services that enhance the digital experience of healthcare providers and their patients.

Our multi-carrier approach is key in reaching rural areas nationwide. With Kajeet, there is no need to contract several carriers independently to get the coverage you need. We have partnerships with all major carriers and provide the ability to share data across carriers and devices. We also partner with Telehealth and RPM solution providers for a holistic approach to connected health.

Let us assess how we can help you make the best use of your Rural Healthcare Program funds.

Bring your Rural Healthcare Connect Fund initiative to us and let’s connect the unconnected! 

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“The Rural Health Care Program is currently made up of two programs: the Healthcare Connect Fund Program and the Telecommunications Program. The Healthcare Connect Fund Program provides support for high-capacity broadband connectivity to eligible health care providers. Under the Rural Health Care Program, eligible rural health care providers, and those eligible non-rural health care providers that are members of a consortium that has more than 50 percent rural health care provider sites, receive a 65 percent flat discount on an array of communications services, including internet access, business data, traditional digital service line (DSL), and private carriage services.”

Source: Rural Health Care Program | Federal Communications Commission (fcc.gov)