Kajeet SmartSpot improves academic achievement, engages parents

MCLEAN, VA — Kajeet, the only wireless service provider dedicated solely to providing safe and affordable mobile connectivity for students, announced today at ISTE 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia, that its Kajeet SmartSpot solution can be purchased using Title I funds. Kajeet provides a safe, affordable mobile broadband solution that connects students to educational resources on the Internet outside of school. For decades, Title I has been leading the way to fund technology into the poorest schools in the country to help close the achievement gap between high and low-performing students. In 2014, more than $14 billion is designated to high-poverty schools through Title I funds. 

Twenty-first century learning initiatives strive to provide students with access to digital tools outside of school as well as inside. This is a particular challenge for Title I schools and districts where families may not have sufficient broadband at home and where community-based broadband resources may be limited.

“As more schools implement digital and web-based learning and assessment programs, requiring students to work on assignments outside of the classroom, the poorest students are struggling to keep up with their connected peers,” said Kajeet Founder and CEO Daniel Neal. “Every time a teacher asks a child to go online at home, she or he is actively, if inadvertently, disadvantaging those who can’t go to websites at night. This is an enormous problem and one Kajeet solves.”

Title I is a funding resource provided to various states by the Federal government; states send those funds to local districts for allocation to schools with high poverty rates in order to improve students’ achievement and close achievement gaps.

“Districts are continually in pursuit of funds to help improve student achievement,” Neal said. “We have designed a product to improve student success and prepare them for a better future, as well as encourage parent engagement in what students are working on in the classroom.”

The Kajeet SmartSpot solution allows schools to fully customize and filter the websites students can visit, as well as the times of day or night appropriate for student use. Teachers and administrators can manage access hours and filter out non-educational content, thereby keeping students on-task and controlling costs. As part of the Kajeet solution, teachers and administrators receive reports with learning analytics to help improve student achievement.

To be considered for Title I funds, schools must maximize parental involvement and improve parental participation in student education. The Kajeet SmartSpot provides economically disadvantaged families an avenue to develop a partnership with their children’s instructors and monitor their academic performance.

Kajeet, in partnership with Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) and the National Title I Association, recently release a new toolkit titled: “Rethinking Educational Equity in a Digital Era: Forging a Strong Partnership between District Title I and Technology Leaders” to strength the relationship between District Title I and education technology leaders to improve education. To access the toolkit, please click here

About Kajeet

Kajeet, the only wireless service provider dedicated solely to providing safe, mobile connectivity for students, is bridging the digital divide in school districts across the country. Kajeet provides a safe, affordable mobile broadband solution that connects economically disadvantaged students to the resources they need to complete required assignments and projects outside of school. The Kajeet SmartSpot®, a portable Mi-Fi hotspot, combined with the innovative Sentinel® cloud portal, enables administrators and teachers to provide CIPA-compliant, customizable filtered Internet access that keeps students focused on school work and without worry of data abuse. Kajeet products and services, which operates on both the Sprint and Verizon network, are protected by the following issued U.S. patents 8,929,857; 8,918,080; 8,774,755; 8,774,754; 8,755,768; 8,731,517; 8,725,109; 8,712,371; 8,706,079; 8,667,559; 8,644,796; 8,639,216; 8,634,803; 8,634,802; 8,634,801; 8,630,612; 8,611,885; 8,600,348; 8,594,619; 8,588,735; 8,285,249; 8,078,140; 7,945,238; 7,899,438; 7,881,697. Other patents are pending. 

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