Kajeet Shares Updates on its Patent Licensing Program Aimed at Providing Safe, Reliable Internet to Students And Others Everywhere

MCLEAN, VA. - July 21, 2020 - Kajeet®, an industry leader providing software and hardware solutions that deliver safe and reliable Internet connectivity to students, enterprises and IoT solution providers, is proud to announce the success of a patent licensing strategy aimed at making Kajeet technology available as widely as possible.

Founded in 2003, Kajeet helps schools, districts and libraries extend digital access to students and patrons through its SmartSpot, SmartBus and LTE Chromebook solutions, while protecting children from inappropriate and distracting online content, and enabling schools and families to keep children focused and safe from the many potential dangers associated with unconstrained access to online content. During this time of COVID-19 these innovations are proving to be highly desirable as students and employees study and work from home.

To achieve this, the founders and engineers at Kajeet have developed a patent portfolio of 36 issued U.S. patents and other pending applications. In 2017 Kajeet embarked on a patent licensing strategy to level the competitive marketplace and help make its innovations available to anyone that needs them. To date, the licenses under the program have been granted to eight companies, including Smith Micro and CUJO.

In some cases, licensing discussions are not possible and Kajeet, to be fair to its existing licensees and protect its intellectual property, has initiated litigation against some industry participants. Currently Kajeet is in litigation with JAMF Software in the Western District of Texas, Lightspeed Software in the Western District of Texas, and Gryphon in the District of Delaware.


“It is Kajeet’s desire to resolve all litigation conflicts in a fair and reasonable manner,” said Daniel J. W. Neal, CEO and Founder of Kajeet, and a named Inventor on most of the patents in the Kajeet portfolio. “We have spent significant time and resources for more than 15 years underpinning and protecting our critical inventions. Only by protecting these inventions can we continue to make them available to those who need them and provide value to our growing licensing business and current licensees," he added.


The 36 U.S. patents issued to Kajeet cover innovations in four general areas: (1) policy control for mobile/wireless devices; (2) electronic wallets for managing pre-paid and plan-limited mobile devices and shared mobile data plans; (3) selective access control for mobile devices; and (4) sponsored connectivity services for mobile devices.

Kajeet is being advised by Patent Monetization Inc. and its legal representative in patent licensing matters is the law firm Friedman Suder & Cooke.

For Licensing Inquiries please contact

Paul Cannata
Patent Monetization Inc.

About Kajeet

Kajeet delivers secure and controlled wireless experiences. In 2003, a group of Dads started Kajeet to make great mobile services for children approved by parents as well as educators. From startups or Fortune 500 companies, to school districts, educators and administrators, Kajeet is helping all to safely and economically connect, control and deploy wireless solutions across multiple networks. Whether to enable digital access that ensures student success, or empower companies to connect and manage devices in the field, or offer support and a platform to launch a complex and highly scalable mobile solution, Kajeet is trusted by many to make powerful and flexible wireless solutions easy.

Kajeet is available across all major North American wireless networks and globally in 24 other countries. Headquartered in McLean, VA, Kajeet has regional offices in 11 cities across the U.S. To learn more, please visit kajeet.com. Kajeet has a portfolio of 36 U.S. patents, with additional patents pending. For a list of the Kajeet U.S. patents, please go to https://www.kajeet.net/terms-of-services#patents.

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Claudine Caruso
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