Latest Kajeet Sentinel® Release Provides Increased Visibility, Easier Device Management, and Better Reporting for Mobile Student Connectivity

MCLEAN, Virginia—July 30, 2018—Kajeet®, the industry leader for safe K-12 mobile solutions, today announces the latest release of its patented Kajeet Sentinel® connectivity cloud platform, highlighting an all-new user interface (UI). Based on continual feedback from educators, the improved Sentinel UI provides school districts with a more intuitive dashboard, enhanced functionality for school administrators to manage devices, quicker and simpler access to usage data, and additional metrics to better track program success. 

Kajeet Sentinel is the core of the Kajeet K-12 connectivity solutions, powering the Kajeet SmartSpot® and Kajeet SmartBus™. With filtering, device management, asset allocation tracking, network security, and reporting tools all in one convenient platform, schools and districts easily and securely connect students to the mobile and digital world across multiple carrier networks. Students focus on their schoolwork and remain safe from malicious web pages and any known viruses. CIPA-compliant filters help keep students on task, while the Sentinel dashboard provides administrators complete visibility into student usage patterns and suspicious activity on the network. 

The latest Kajeet Sentinel release is designed to support not only the increasing need from the school districts to better manage their devices, but to prepare Kajeet for continued growth as districts become more connected. The enhanced UI was designed to be more intuitive and easier to use. New functionality includes:

  • A redesigned dashboard providing a more detailed overview of the school or district account, including student hours spent online doing homework, the top educational websites accessed, and the top domains denied.
  • Enhanced functionality for school administrators to manage devices, including visibility into device allocation and an updated Media Center for device checkout.
  • Faster and easier device management with bulk tools for complete device management in fewer transactions.
  • Powerful per-student reporting options to evaluate individual student progress.

“The new [Sentinel] portal runs much faster and is very smooth-looking,” said Tim Elkins, device inventory administrator for Cincinnati Public Schools, a long-standing Kajeet customer. “I like being able to pinpoint all the dashboard info down to one [student] user if necessary, without running a separate report. Also managing devices is much easier to use with the bulk actions available.”

Kajeet Sentinel enables students to access online educational content, filtering out unsafe and non-educational material; manages data allocations across multiple national carriers to better understand how students use devices and resources outside the classroom, including which educational sites were visited by students. To do this, Sentinel analyzes and categorizes millions of new URLs every day to keep students focused on homework and safe from cyber threats.

“Educators need the ability to effectively report on student performance and how ed tech tools impact their success,” said Kajeet CEO and Founder Daniel Neal. “The Kajeet team constantly listens to customer feedback, resulting in a completely refreshed Sentinel UI. Our latest release will help school administrators better support and protect their students as the K-12 environment becomes more connected and educational resources continually move online.”

Kajeet connects students outside the classroom and on the school bus through six North American 4G LTE networks. Kajeet serves nearly 650 districts, libraries, and other organizations across 43 states and the District of Columbia.

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