New Affordable Connectivity Program Provides School Districts Discounted, Filtered, and Managed, 4G LTE Wi-Fi Access for Students with Free Hotspots and Mobile Device Subsidy

MCLEAN, Virginia—June 12, 2019—Kajeet®, the nation’s leader for safe, affordable K-12 mobile solutions, announces the ConnectEdNow™ campaign to connect every student, school, and district. The ConnectEdNow campaign is a new, affordable connectivity solution designed to provide students the Internet access and online resources they need to succeed, at prices schools and districts can afford. ConnectEdNow allows every student to have connectivity – from school to home – with heavily discounted data plans on any the nation’s four major wireless networks, free Wi-Fi hotspots, and a subsidy that can be used toward the purchase of student mobile devices.

Every student needs access to online resources for their schoolwork, but adequate connectivity is still not a reality for everyone. According to the Pew Research Center, nearly one-in-five teenagers are unable to always finish their homework because of the Digital Divide. The ConnectEdNow campaign’s mission is to drive awareness of student connectivity needs, provide discounts and subsidies for affordable access, and offer guidance to schools and districts on how to successfully address this issue and implement an affordable and successful program.

The ConnectEdNow program includes:

  • A FREE Kajeet 4G LTE SmartSpot®: A portable Wi-Fi hotspot to connect students anytime, anywhere to safe, educational Internet with Kajeet Advanced Education Filtering™ .
  • Subsidy for a Mobile Internet Device: Along with a free Kajeet SmartSpot device, schools and districts will receive a $200 subsidy that can be used to purchase any mobile device of their choice for students (e.g., Chromebook, Kajeet SmartBus™, tablet, laptop).
  • Kajeet Complete 500 Data Plan: With this turnkey Kajeet Education Broadband™ data plan, students will receive the data they need to complete their schoolwork.
  • Choice of 4G LTE Network: Kajeet is the only Education Broadband provider available on all four major U.S. wireless networks. With the Kajeet Network Guarantee, students will have access to the fastest, most reliable network in their area, or Kajeet will switch the network at no cost to the school or district.

“Kajeet is on a mission to connect every student to their education,” said Daniel Neal, CEO and Founder of Kajeet. “With the ConnectEdNow campaign, Kajeet is carrying out our mission to provide school districts the affordable access they need to help their students succeed. Our goal is to provide all educators with the connectivity and mobility tools they require to connect every student, school, district, and community in a way that supports their educational goals and needs.”

Kajeet will host an official launch of ConnectEdNow at the Kajeet booth during the ISTE 2019 expo hall from June 24 through June 26. Stop by the Kajeet booth #2944 to speak with campaign representatives and learn how schools and districts can #connectednow.

Additional Information:

  • Watch the #connectednow video.
  • Check out the #connectednow Media Kit.
  • Find out more on the #connectednow website.
  • Visit the Kajeet booth at ISTE 2019, booth #2944 for the official campaign launch.


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