School Districts Can Provide Low-Income Students Safe Broadband Internet to Close the Homework Gap

MCLEAN, Virginia—Jan. 23, 2017—Kajeet, the industry leader for safe, mobile student Internet connectivity, announces its Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approval as a Lifeline Broadband Provider, eligible to receive Lifeline Broadband Internet Access Service (BIAS) support. Partnering with school districts around the nation, Kajeet surpasses basic Lifeline service requirements by offering its exclusive Education Lifeline™ to provide students with up to 15 GB of 4G LTE data per month—at no cost to Lifeline-eligible families—on one of the nation’s leading wireless networks.

In an effort to help close the Homework Gap, Kajeet partners with school districts to identify student households lacking adequate broadband access. Among those, Kajeet will further identify specific households eligible for Federal Lifeline support. Student households that enroll in the program will receive a portable Kajeet SmartSpot® Wi-Fi device—and filtered Internet access to ensure students have the Internet connectivity they need to succeed in school.

“The Kajeet mission is to partner with schools and districts so low-income students can succeed by gaining access to the same tools and resources as their more-advantaged peers,” said Daniel Neal, CEO and founder of Kajeet. “Our step-by-step Education Lifeline program is specifically designed to make it as easy as possible for schools to create awareness about the program, and for eligible students’ families to enroll.”

The Kajeet Education Lifeline offering is a Federal Lifeline Assistance program. Lifeline is a government benefit program supported by the Federal Universal Service Fund. Enrollment is available to individuals who qualify based on Federal or state-specific eligibility criteria. Households may qualify if they are on certain public assistance programs, such as Medicaid or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Households may also qualify based on household income. Eligible participants must provide proof of program eligibility or proof of income. The program is available for only one wireless or wireline account per household. Separate households that live at the same address are eligible, including residents of homeless shelters and nursing homes. Residents with temporary addresses are also eligible.

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