Kajeet Connect BackUp™ Provides Secure, Reliable Wireless Connectivity to Protect School Districts from Costly Downtime; Kajeet Connect Prime™ Connects School Buildings to Consistent, Ultra-fast 4G LTE Internet

MCLEAN, Virginia—November 13, 2018—Kajeet®, the industry leader for safe, affordable K-12 mobile solutions, announces the launch of the Connect Suite, including Kajeet Connect BackUp™ and Kajeet Connect Prime™. The Kajeet Connect BackUp solution is a wireless automated failover solution to reduce the impact on district offices and classrooms from Internet downtime when primary network connections fail. The Kajeet Connect Prime solution serves as the main Internet connection, without tethering school buildings to a typical landline. Both solutions allow schools and districts to pool, share, roll-over, and manage wireless data across multiple school buildings and other facilities. 

As with all Kajeet mobile solutions, schools and districts receive the exclusive Kajeet network coverage guarantee as Kajeet operates on six of North America’s largest wireless carriers. The Kajeet Connect Suite gives schools a reliable, safe, and affordable solution to maintain uptime during a network interruption or a long-term solution for primary Internet connectivity.

According to the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), more than a third of school districts experience one day or more of unplanned network downtime every year. With a Kajeet Connect BackUp solution, schools can protect their district offices and classrooms with constant connectivity. During an outage, filters managed in the Kajeet Sentinel® cloud platform allow only critical applications to access the Internet, keeping costs down while seamlessly switching to this automatic failover solution.

EducationSuperHighway reports 2.3 million students still lack access to high-speed Internet in the classroom. Whether this is due to poor LAN infrastructure, lack of wiring capability, or an offsite location, Kajeet Connect Prime serves as the main Internet connection for everyday school building and classroom connectivity. Secure, filtered, and managed Internet access available on six North American 4G LTE wireless network is available for optimal educational-data use, helping connect locations in school districts that cannot reach a wired connection.

“A school building losing Internet connectivity for just an hour can be detrimental to mission-critical school IT functions and completely interrupt a student’s school day,” said Kajeet CEO and Founder, Daniel Neal. “And while Kajeet has historically focused on closing the Homework Gap outside the classroom, digital equity begins in school with reliable, safe Internet access. Our deep expertise with Education Broadband™, providing the managed, filtered Wi-Fi provisioned across six North American LTE networks, is now available for school and district buildings across the nation.”

Kajeet Sentinel, the core of the Connect suite, provides secure, filtered, and managed access on multiple LTE wireless networks, optimizes bandwidth, and reduces costs by allowing educational-only access to the Internet. This innovative cloud platform includes real-time usage reporting across multiple networks and an analytics dashboard to visualize how data is consumed. Sentinel secures networks with powerful cloud-based defense tools to stop known, unknown, and evasive threats.

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