Kajeet Education Broadband Connects Students to Digital Learning Beyond the Classroom

MCLEAN, VA — Kajeet, the only wireless service provider dedicated to kids and education, released its annual “School Funding Report” offering details on 15 federal opportunities to finance mobile student broadband. Across-the-board state testing like Common Core, Smarter Balanced and PARCC are moving schools to online assignments and research. As more school districts implement web-based learning programs to facilitate these tests, students are required to work on as signments outside the classroom. However, a large percentage of students, in some areas up to 70 percent, are finding themselves without the connectivity needed to complete homework.

The Kajeet School Funding Report provides a brief overview of the 15 top federal funding programs—including Title I, Race to the Top, School Turnaround Grants, Title III and Invest in Innovation Grants—that can be used for connectivity solutions like the Kajeet SmartSpot™ devices and Sentinel®. The report is available here.

“While many school districts have funding for their computing devices or technology programs, funding for connectivity outside of school continues to be an afterthought,” said Kajeet CEO and Founder Daniel Neal. “Schools have laptops for the students to use, but no guarantee of Internet access at home. Until districts make this a priority and allocate funding for mobile broadband, there are programs and grants to help. Kajeet is committed to ensuring that states, districts and schools are made aware of these opportunities to assist disadvantaged students in their districts.”

Currently partnering with 35 districts around the country, Kajeet is providing the solution to ensure disadvantaged students have a level playing field to help them succeed. To bridge this divide, schools issue Kajeet SmartSpot Mi-Fi devices—compatible with any mobile device—which includes customizable filtered Internet access.

A key benefit of the Kajeet mobile broadband solution is that it allows districts and schools to fully customize and filter the websites students can visit, as well as the times of day or night appropriate for student use. Teachers and administrators can manage access hours and filter out non-educational content. This keeps students on-task and controls costs. As part of the Kajeet solution, teachers and administrators receive reports with learning analytics to help improve student achievement. 

About Kajeet

Kajeet, the only wireless service provider dedicated solely to providing safe, mobile connectivity for students, is bridging the digital divide in school districts across the country. Kajeet provides a safe, affordable mobile broadband solution that connects economically disadvantaged students to the resources they need to complete required assignments and projects outside of school. The Kajeet SmartSpot®, a portable Mi-Fi hotspot, combined with the innovative Sentinel® cloud portal, enables administrators and teachers to provide CIPA-compliant, customizable filtered Internet access that keeps students focused on school work and without worry of data abuse. Kajeet products and services, which operates on both the Sprint and Verizon network, are protected by the following issued U.S. patents 8,929,857; 8,918,080; 8,774,755; 8,774,754; 8,755,768; 8,731,517; 8,725,109; 8,712,371; 8,706,079; 8,667,559; 8,644,796; 8,639,216; 8,634,803; 8,634,802; 8,634,801; 8,630,612; 8,611,885; 8,600,348; 8,594,619; 8,588,735; 8,285,249; 8,078,140; 7,945,238; 7,899,438; 7,881,697. Other patents are pending. 

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