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By Shannon Miller; August 15, 2020

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Clark County School Board of Trustees has approved millions of dollars and entered the school district into agreements with Nevada companies to assist with internet connectivity for the 2020-21 school year. 

The board held a regular meeting on Thursday night and approved $7.2 million for a year's worth of internet connection for students learning from home. $4.8 million was approved to purchase in-home internet connectivity from Cox Communications for qualifying households and $1.8 million to purchase internet hotspots from Kajeet for qualifying households. 

The board also approved the district entering memorandum of agreement with Communities in Schools and nonprofits Future Smiles and Jobs for Nevada's Graduates, to staff the state's Connecting Kids call center. Communities in Schools and the two nonprofits will assist the call center with providing data and internet connection until October, unless the term of the agreement is extended.

A memorandum with Cox Communications was also approved, to provide affordable home internet connection for eligible students, for an indefinite period. Mike Casey from CCSD Operational Services said that the agreements were made in collaboration with state's COVID-19 task force.

Casey plugged the state's website and call center that was set up to assist with internet and device issues. He said that surveys on the website has reached 217,000 students to assess their technology needs.

To provide health services for students pre-K to 13 years old, the board approved a five-year memorandum with Silver State Health Services (SSHS) to provide services including acute and chronic care, behavioral health screening, therapy, and support. 

As approved, the agreement with SSHS is intended to have no fiscal impact on the CCSD general fund. If existing space is not available at participating school sites, costs for installation and operation of the health services portable will be the responsibility of the school site, according to the district. 

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