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The eSim purpose-built for managed IoT connectivity

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Kajeet smartSIM leverages the newest GSMA standards to remotely and intelligently switch between carriers for optimal network coverage

Kajeet_SmartSIMKajeet smartSIM is an innovative eSIM solution designed to deliver intelligent IoT connectivity. Aligned with the latest GSMA specifications (SGP.31/SGP.32), Kajeet is one of the first to leverage GSMA-driven remote SIM provisioning features, all within its award-winning Sentinel® platform. 

The combination of Sentinel and Kajeet smartSIM brings to market a world-class set of features that provides the following enhanced benefits:

  • Control

    With native access to the top three carrier networks in the United States, Kajeet smartSIM delivers a level of control that eliminates the need for manual carrier changes across numerous devices. Users can seamlessly manage connectivity profiles and make swift adjustments to network preferences and policies to align with evolving requirements. The remote-control capabilities eliminate the need for “truck rolls” or any physical intervention with the SIM cards. 

  • Flexibility

    Customers will benefit from the flexibility of having access to native carrier profiles, ensuring the best possible experience while connected to their chosen network. This flexibility is especially valuable in scenarios in which devices move across regions or require dynamic connectivity adjustments and ensure improved network coverage.

  • Intelligence

    With Kajeet smartSIM and Sentinel Insights, customers can build dynamic rule-based triggers based on predetermined conditions like location, country, signal quality, elapsed time, and many other variables. Switch carriers seamlessly without manual intervention, enabling data-driven decisions and ensuring uninterrupted, optimized cellular connectivity.

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