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Let visiting staff, faculty, and students seamlessly connect to the Internet via your network access with eduroam and Kajeet connectivity.

What is eduroam?

Eduroam (education roaming) is a federated authentication service allowing participating institutions to provide access to their wireless network to users from other participating eduroam institutions.

Visiting students, faculty, staff, or researchers from qualifying educational institutions can use the eduroam network with no additional setup or login processes. Institutions can join eduroam to allow their users to access to the global eduroam network whenever and wherever they travel.

Things to Know About eduroam and Kajeet

  • Allows any authorized user to access the school bus WiFi network using their home institution on their own device
  • Authentication of each user is processed automatically through the Internet2-operated Eduroam infrastructure
  • Can also enable access at a community center, public park, school parking lot, or on local mass transit
  • Includes access to secure reporting to understand the benefits of their participation for their own users and educational roaming guests
  • Get up and running quickly -- we'll do the router configuration work for you

All existing Kajeet education customers are eligible for eduroam at no additional cost to existing plans. Contact us today to so we can enable eduroam for you.

Not a current Kajeet customer?

Learn more about our connectivity solutions for SmartBus® and Smart Transit -- and keep in mind eduroam will be free for you, too, once once you get your riders, faculty, and students connected!

Need to sign up for eduroam? Click here to visit eduroam's agreement page

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