How to Fund Student Internet at Home

Written by Kajeet on September 25, 2014


Technology funding continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing districts and schools today. And while many school districts have funding for their computing devices or technology programs, funding for connectivity outside of school continues to be an afterthought.

Schools may have Chromebooks or iPads for the students to use, but there is no guarantee of Internet access at home. Until districts make this a priority and allocate funding for mobile broadband, there are programs and grants to help. 

We released our funding report "Funding Student Mobile Broadband" that highlights 15 funding options for mobile broadband.

The FCC reports one-third of all Americans –100  million people – do not have broadband at home. As more schools integrate digital and web-based learning programs and tools into the classroom, those students without home Internet access are finding themselves part of a growing digital divide. Student access to the Internet outside of school is a growing concern among 46 percent of district technology leaders who say it is one of the most challenging issues they face today, according to a Project Tomorrow report.

Download the free whitepaper entitled Funding Student Mobile Broadband outlining details on the federal opportunities to finance mobile student broadband. 


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