Kajeet Introduces the League of Equity: 4 Homework Gap Heroes Closing the Digital Divide in Education

Written by Kajeet on January 11, 2016


Our heroes—a collection of homework-gap-fighting personalities who work tirelessly to close the digital divide in school districts across America—are part of the 2016 marketing campaign designed to highlight the “real action heroes” in education working to close the Homework Gap

By featuring these real-life heroes, Kajeet is celebrating teachers, educators and administrators who work diligently to ensure student success.

“The fundamental idea behind the Kajeet Homework Gap Heroes is to recognize the doers in our schools who are working tirelessly to make sure that all students can have access to the Internet connectivity they need to do their homework," said Daniel Neal, CEO and founder of Kajeet. "Literally millions of kids do not have the ability to do Internet-based homework – or even e-mail their teacher – once they leave school grounds.  This insidious Homework Gap is deadly to the academic advancement and life success of these disconnected kids.  What’s more, as each day passes and more educational material is moved to the Internet, the Homework Gap widens.  Many people talk about the Homework Gap.  The Homework Gap Heroes take action.  With Kajeet Education Broadband™ these heroes are putting equal opportunity directly into the hands of young students who want to, and will, succeed, if only they are given access to the educational resources and opportunities that ‘the rich kids’ take for granted.”

The Homework Gap is a term that describes the achievement gap between students with and without high-speed Internet access at home; this gap causes students to fall behind and loose motivation. The heroes are combating the Homework Gap with their unique personalities and incredible super powers, and they have fun names as well! Take the short 10-question quiz to find out which hero (described below) you are!

Kajeet created four Homework Gap Heroes, designed by Peter Gibb, to help champion the cause.


Agent Gigabyte has the power to pull thousands of people together for a single cause; they are friendly and personable and get their best ideas from communicating and collaborating. Agent Gigabyte enjoys engaging with students and colleagues in discussions and like using social media to reach out to new groups and mindshare. They are committed and creative; they can identify the strengths of the team and capitalize on them, Agent Gigabyte maintains morale and understands that setbacks are natural. Count on Agent Gigabyte come up with a creative solution to any problem.

Commander Performance is a born leader with a bold personality. Commander Performance is assertive and determined, they are always strategizing and designing and executing a plan. They have the powers of speed and confidence, their speedy powers mean they are always on time for meetings and they can beat unrealistic deadlines. With Commander Performance on your team the numbers always go up and budget limitations are never an issue and with their X-Ray vision they can see past any obstacle. 

Captain Connectivity is the glue that holds the team together and others look towards Captain Connectivity for motivation because of their honesty, integrity, and sincerity. Captain Connectivity is brave and courageous, they stand up to the status quo when justice is needed and they speak up for the disadvantaged and under privileged and inherently know the right thing to do. They are also reliable and dependable and will drop everything to help out when there is a problem. Captain Connectivity has a high code of ethics and a strong list of values.

Professor Broadband is the magician behind the curtain; they are problem solvers and critical thinkers. Professor Broadband’s research methodologies make them a go to when there is a problem that needs solving. Professor Broadband is intellectual, they calculate scenarios and research solutions, and you can always count on them to have the numbers to back up their rationale. They are critical thinkers; with their latest and greatest tech gadgets they can untangle any problem. Professor Broadband has the ability to innovate and with their top-notch research skills and super intelligence, well some would call them geniuses.

We know there are people in your district and even your community who are “real-life action heroes” working tirelessly to close the Homework Gap and throughout 2016 we will highlight those champions. Please share your stories with us.

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