We are honored to be a part of your school community's distance learning solution during this unprecedented time.


Here, you will find a downloadable PDF for parents and students, Quick Start Guides, and How-To Videos to help you and your student(s) get set up and ready to learn with your Kajeet SmartSpot device.

distance learning parent guide


How do I turn my SmartSpot device on?
How long does it take my SmartSpot to turn on?
How do I connect my device (laptop, tablet, phone, etc) to the SmartSpot device so that I can begin using Wi-Fi?
How can I find my SmartSpot name and password?
Why are some websites blocked?
How are the SmartSpot devices filtered?
A site I need to access for my schoolwork is blocked. How can I gain access to it?
What information can the school track on this device?
How can I check my device status?
How long does it take my SmartSpot device to charge?
Who should I contact if my SmartSpot doesn’t work?

SmartSpot Parent Student Guide

First time using a Kajeet SmartSpot device? Have no fear - this PDF is here (in both English and Spanish) to help you get your student connected and ready to safely learn.

Download the SmartSpot Parent Student Guide


Click on the SmartSpot device that you have to get the full Quick Start Guide.

SmartSpot 900

affordable internet smartspot

SmartSpot 6620

low income internet smartspot

SmartSpot 975

Download guide in English Watch How-To Operate Video

SmartSpot 800

low income internet smartspot

SmartSpot T-41

school internet smartspot

SmartSpot ZTE 291/917

SmartSpot ZTE 291/917

Download guide in English

SmartSpot 8800

SmartSpot 8800

Download guide in English / Spanish

SmartSpot 923

low cost internet smartspot
Download guide in English  Watch How-To Operate Video