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State-of-the-art hotspots, routers, and devices to get your students connected and help bridge the digital divide

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Affordable, secure, and easily-managed solutions to connect your students on campus, on the bus, and at home.

All Kajeet 5G education solutions include CIPA-compliant filtering to keep students safe and on-task, as well as Kajeet’s award-winning device and data management platform, Sentinel®, which allows administrators to manage devices and data allocations, access controls and gain key insights into program performance.

Kajeet 5G SmartSpot®:

This education-ready WiFi hotspot helps bring digital equity to students and provides easy implementation for schools to prioritize digital education. With faster speeds, students can easily master digital skills as part of their education journey. 

Kajeet SmartBus® 5G:

Kajeet offers a secure and reliable mobile router designed to seamlessly connect students to a portable and reliable WiFi hotspot on wheels that turns travel time into an extension of the classroom.  

Kajeet 5G Fixed Wireless:

Kajeet Fixed 5G Internet Gateway router ensures a reliable and high-speed connection for homes, remote facilities, community centers, and outdoor locations for primary internet access. Designed to bring lightning-fast internet connectivity to students, this affordable solution can support multiple devices simultaneously. 

Evolve III T-3 Pro Touch 5G LTE Notebook:

Kajeet has partnered with Evolve III to offer a Windows 11, touchscreen notebook with built-in 5G & LTE capabilities. Kajeet offers coverage from all major US wireless networks and is currently taking pre-orders for Q4 delivery.


The 5G SmartSpot, SmartBus, and Fixed Wireless solutions are all currently available. Use the form on this page to let us know if you're interested in any of these devices.

The Evolve III is estimated to be shipping in Q4 of 2023. Use the form on this page to let us know you're interested in pre-ordering.

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